PLEXTOR 716A Burning help

I have been using DVD shrink to nero to back up my dvds. now for some reason i get an error in dvd shrink “DVD Shrink Encountered An Error and Cannot Continue. Failed to read file “D:” Data Error(cylic redundancy check)”.
i upgraded all my firmware. i never used to get this error. it happens when te disk is analyzing. i just bought my plextor 716a but at first it was backing up dvds just fine with no problem. now, i keep gettign errors and ive tried 3 different dvds. one of the dvds has the interactual player built into it so i installed that and it said to runthat i need internet ecplorer 4.0 or later. i checked an di have internet explorer 6.0. any help is greatly appreciated. i dont know what i have done wrong. also, sometimes when i put the dvd int he dvd rom for some reason it says no disk in any drives. it never used to do this. thanks

it’s probably the copy-protection scheme on the particular DVD you’re trying…try ripping the disc with DVD Decrypter first then running that ISO through Shrink…

i was looking at the last three dvds i was backing up and its a coinsidence that they were all disney movies. im sure that has somethnig to do with it. i did another movie and its workin fine so far. wow, i feel stupid. lol