Plextor 716A Bit setting

I am with you and a very proud owner of my first Plextor. Burns GREAT with DVDDcrypter. I am using Verbatim 16x +R media w/ v1.04 F.W. Pretty much burns up to 15.5 x (when the image is large enough).
I have not yet installed any of the software that came bundled w/ unit (full retail package).
By golly gee folks, I can’t figure out how to enable/set bit setting. According to the linked review in this forum, this drive is supposed to be capable of bit setting w/ +R media. I’ve searched forum for about 15 min. can’t find a definative link. Can someone please help.

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I am not cerrtain but you may need to install plextools to change the bit setting also i have been using plextools to burn with good effect lately.

Hope this helps

DVD Decrypter supports bitsetting on Plextors under the “RICOH” tab.

(Just right-click on the Plextor device shown underneath “Source” and choose Change Booktype; try Plextor tab before trying RICOH)

I’m using DVDD and have tried the Plex tab (it says ‘success’), but burned DVD’s seem to still be DVD+R (looking at the info display after the burn) and using the lastest Nero Info Tool that is part of the Nero Ultra 6 suite (got the latest updates about a week or two ago).

I have not tried the RICHOH tab.

Is the proper way to use the plextools?

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Use PlexTools to change the default for the drive for DVD+R media by checking and saving the “Change Booktype for DVD+R” setting under the Drive Settings and Advanced tab. Then it should take effect for other burning software including DVD Decrypter. By the way you can also use Plextools to burn from an ISO image file.

Well I tried the RICOH tab, selected Change For: Drive (for DVD+R media) and immediately got: Current Setting: Unknown (FAILED!) and the New Setting is grey’d out.
If I try Change For Drive (For DVD+RW) I get
Current Setting: DVD+R
and now I have the options of: Change Setting: to a whole bunch of options including DVD-ROM, + or - R or RW or +DL.
I tried DVD-ROM, but it says this is for DVD+RW only and wouldn’t let me change. (no kidding!!).

So using the RICOH tab and DVD+R won’t let me change to -ROM, and using the Plextor Tab doesn’t seem to really change the Book Type.


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I just loaded Plextools Pro v 2.17. I see nothing obvious about booktype or bit setting.
The only thing that might come close is selecting ‘DVD-ROM Maker’. Is this what is supposed to be used??

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Sorry: I just saw 'VeryBadBoy’s" reply. I see it now. I’ll give it a try.

Thanks again

Are you supposed to leave PlexTools running (in ‘background’) while using DVDDecryptor?

My understanding is Plextools can be shut down (even uninstalled as I did with my PX-708A) and the Bit Setting will remain active. :smiley:

I hope this is helpful. :iagree:

Yep if in Preferences/General the “Save Settings on Exit” is enabled you can exit Plextools and it should save the Bitsetting state for other programs.

as it is saved in the registry of your system…

Thank you ALL for your replies.
In the users man that came with my unit, the ‘advanced’ tab is not mentioned. I usually poke around in the software, but this totally escaped me.
Bit setting w/ DVDD by it-self, does not work w/ my Plextor.

Thanks again.

Don’t know what you are talking about.

The bitsetting state is saved permanently in the firmware of Plextor drives, and is only deleted when
a) it is changed again by whatever software
b) when the firmware is flashed again

If PlexTools is doing weird things, don’t use it…

I too remember Plextools Bit Setting as a change to the firmware and not the registry :confused: . I vaguely remember someone posting that you could actually migrate the drive to another box and the Bit Setting would remain. Therefore a registry setting (now on the “old” box) would have no effect. :iagree:

OK. I got it to work. everything is cool.

In DVDDecrypter, I did not scroll down far enough to see:
“Physical Format information (last recorded)
Disc ID: MCC-004-00
Book type: DVD-ROM”

Plextools is fine. no issue.
Case Closed.

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Hi !
One more question about Book Type.
In Nero it is very simple. I just choose DVD-Video then I going to burn DVD film.
VIDEO and AUDIO directories are made automatically and I believe Book type also.
How I should I do the same in Plextools?

Plextools doesn’t support DVD-Video type.

It does support setting the book type to DVD-ROM for DVD+R (and DVD+R DL) discs though, correct?

Hi !
Thank you for answer. So, what the reason to use Plextools to write DVD? Regular DVD-Data can be written with Nero also without problem, DVD-Video only with Nero.
One more question: How to make following graph in Plextools ? I burn one DVD with Plextools and didn’t receive it. Did I lost something?
This DVD should be DVD-Video. I just made by myself two directories (VIDEO and AUDIO) and put all files under VIDEO. Did I receive the normal DVD-Video disk, which I can play on stationary DVD or should I do the new burning with Nero (DVD-Video type)?