Plextor 716A @ $101



This is the best price I’ve seen on this drive.


Anyone remotely thinking about buying the Plex 716a should jump on this one. With the $30 rebate from Plextor, it’s a $71 burner (one of the best).


Just picked up one at the local Best Buy store, price still marked $129.95 on the shelf but checked at the register and paid $101. It’s a TLA #0304.


hrm, time for a 3rd 716 maybe :o


Wow… To rich for my blood!!! :rolleyes:


Don’t forget the $30 rebate.


If you get it… BB is one of the worst with rebates never mind everything else. :eek:


This is a Plextor direct rebate, not the one that prints out at the register at Best Buy. The BB rebate expired 2/28.


Does anyone think that Plextor will replace this drive SOON with another model?

Maybe sometime after their rebates expire at the end of March.


This is a steal at $71. There was another individual happy to pay $100 for a BenQ with the HP labeling gizmo. I believe Plextor drives come with 2 yr warranty. This is one of the quickest DL ripper/DVD burner $ can buy. It also is a 2 sheep burner…important for those who want to back up games.

I still favor the NEC 3520 at $51 to $55 cause I’m cheap. Don’t think you will be unhappy with either drive.



another name for being cheap is being prudent. :cool: "


i picked up one today judgeing by peoples word that it was a good burner only thing my bb didnt have the rebate opition :mad: but i got it for $110 tax include on a scale of top 10 burners what would this fall as cause i never heard of this brand just figerd i would buy one sence i heard good things about them


As far as how if falls you should have did some more reading. :eek:
I hope your one of the lucky ones. :rolleyes:
Just kidding. Best of luck with it. :slight_smile:


hmm its seems to not have buffer under run >:( i was burning a movie then i hit explore button it loads the net explore with then the record now cause a error this will defenlty not work for me dangit i guess i will stick with my lite-on’s there alil slow but they dont error when i do other things on the pc


The 716A has Buffer Underrun protection and an 8MB buffer.

I had trouble with Ritek G05 8X media. Seems the drive will try to burn it at 16x? I ended up with a couple coasters until I forced the max speed to 8x.


There is no rebate, its marked for 101.00. Whether or not this is permanent price drop i don’t know, because the way BB prices is to match the competition, so it could go up again. I work in one of those hellholes :iagree: and i will try to let everyone know once i find out.


So your that guy. :eek: :rolleyes: :slight_smile:


$30 Rebate direct from Plextor.$30%20rebate%201Jan%20to%2031Mar05.pdf


HellHole? How R they paying the workers?