Plextor 716A Audio Stuttering During Playback



Hi all, first post here, hopefully someone can help me out with this…

While playing DVDs on my brand-new 716A drive (which I just replaced, as the old one died after a month), the audio stutters to the point where speech completely unintelligible. At first I thought it was just the DVD, so I tried a different one and got the same problem. I then tried the second DVD in InterActual Player, and no audio stuttering, so i figured it was my software. I then tried the first DVD in InterActual, and the stuttering came back. So it’s not the DVDs, and I guess it’s only intermittenly the software…

I’m totally at a loss here. If this is a drive problem, I’m about to give up on Plextor. I’ve bought Plextor religiously for the past 12 years, but two screwed-up drives in two months is too much.

Any ideas?


Check if DMA is enabled.