Plextor 716A and TDK cd-r

Hi, i am having trouble burning regular TDK 48x cd-r with my plextor burner. I tried burning regular cds 3 times. Twice at 48x and Once at 32x. All three times resulted in skippy playback during certain songs in my car. I have a great headunit and never had a problem with playback before. When i burn the same cd using my Sony Burner at its max speed (32), it plays back fine. Any idea what the problem could be? I am using the latest 1.08 firmware.
Thank you

You could try doing a C1/C2 scan with PlexTools and post it here. There should be no C2 errors in the scan and the C1 should be low - preferably below 50 all the way, but definitely not above 200 in any spot. You could also make a Beta-Jitter scan and post it, but this takes longer to make (the disc is read at only 4x).

You could also try burning at 16x.

Media ADIP probably is CMC Magnetics. I don’t know any Plextor burner that ever liked that media. Here is your reason… The maximum reliable speed for CMC Magnetics CD-R in any Plextor is 16x.