Plextor 716 via Firewire At Mac OSX

Hello can some one say if this can work.?
(In fact at the moment it doesn´t.:-(.)

I´d like to connect a Plextor 716 A
to my powerbook with OS X 10.4.2
and Toast 7 on It With an external Firewire Case
But it doesn´t work at all.
Once the Plextor mounted an DVD on the Dekstop but only ONCE.
Toast Doesn´t recognize it neither Patchburn nor the Firmware upgrade…
HELP :confused:

Did you put a 716A in a 3rd-party firewire enclosure or do you own a ‘real’ 716UF ?

Hi - I’ve used a 716 attached via a third-party PL-3507 enclosure to a G3 running OS X 10.4.2 - worked seamlessly.

A friend is having similar problems on his mac laptop with the 716 external I bought for him. I’m a pc guy, he says it won’t recognise any disk - he’s using firewire. Any mac plextor tricks?