Plextor 716-UF does not work as firewire, works as USB

I am looking for any info from anyone who has had this problem or who knows what may be going on. I have searched this forum, and I have been unable to find any postings about this situation.

Thanks in advance,

Ted Dushane

Welcome to the forum. You should post more info if you want a response that can help. What is the chipset of the USB and the firewire bridgeboard? What specifically are the problems? Also, you should not post your email if you want to avoid spam.

AFAIK there is a switch at the back where you need to select between USB/FW use. Did you set that one correctly?

I have the same problem but since I always use it on usb I never worried about it. I just assumed something was screwed up in the firewire connection but what actually causes this problem I haven’t a clue. I would be interested in finding out since it’s the the external model with the case it came with so it was designed to work on firewire whatever chipset it uses.

That board in your sig uses a Texas Instruments IEEE 1394 chipset and those are among the best so it’s surprising you’re having problems. What exactly happens when you try to use the drive via that interface?

In my situation it is not recognized at all using firewire.