Plextor 716-uf and TY DVD+R's

I have a plexator 716-uf tla#0203, I’m wondering if anyone can help me on why I get such crappy burns with TY DVD+R discs. I have a case of Sony DVD+R, which are Yuden000, T02, TG001162 and a case of FujiFilm DVD+R, which are Yuden000, T02, TG001158. On both disc I normally try to burn at 12x, with a change book type and after I run tests TA gives me good to bad discs on all three rings, PI/PO test start out really good then in the middle and end get a big jump, PIE avg. is 17.05 with a 806 max normally for all my TY discs. My specs are Intel Centrino processor 1.60Ghz 589Mhz, 512 ram, 80gigHD, XP sp2. Firmware on the 716 is 1.08.

What could possibly cause this I’ve heard ppl talk about how great TY’s are but I never get those results. The media I get the best result with are Maxell DVD-R(MXL RG03). Even on those the PIE’s are pretty high but the TA test are always excellent or v. good.

Could I have a bad drive?

jltyler :confused:

Try burning the discs at 8x; there seem to be a lot of 716As out there that simply do not overspeed 8x media well. TA is more about jitter; I wouldn’t worry too much about the results if the disc is readable. DVD-R seems to get better TA results that DVD+R in my experience, for some reason.

It has probably a reason why the media is rated for 8x and not for 12x…

There really is no such thing as a 12x rating; 12x is not an official speed acknowledged by either the DVD Forum or the RW Alliance, to my knowledge. It’s just something the drive manufacturers enabled. For some odd reason, in Europe Verbatim sells some packages of MCC003 as 12x but MCC003 is really 8x-rated/certified media.

I burned at 8x like suggested and got great results, highest PIE was 17. I guess I just have one of those 716’s that don’t overspeed well. Thanks everyone for the help.

Perhaps it’s a little comfort to you that mine doesn’t overspeed well either. :frowning: