Plextor 716 SA and MSI K7N2 (not working for me...)

I am attempting to connect my PX 716 SA via SATA port, but I am getting locked-up. On my other SATA port I have a WD Raptor. Whenever I boot, I get through the BIOS fine but XP freezes before the splash screen. Anyone have a work-around?

are you sure the SATA controller on your mobo is compatible with optical drives? did you check the compatibility list on plextor’s site?

Got a PDC20376 on there? It’s not ODD friendly. $20 for a PCI SATA-RAID controller might suit you.

i won’t have a conflict with the onboard controller?

no, that would defeat the point of an add-in PCI SATA controller card.

thank you

no prob :slight_smile: