Plextor 716 no DMA enable in plex tools

I have two plextor drives and in the advance section of pex tools the box with enable/diable dma is Grey and unusable can someone please advise.

I would check your Windows Device manager under ATA/ATAPI controllers and make sure your drives are in UDMA mode.(If you are operating Windows) A different way to check is if you use Nero you can go to Nero Info tool and under configuration it should also state if DMA is on. HTH.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply,I have checked the device manager and the settings on both primary and secondry are set to dma when available.

I should have been more specific. :slight_smile: You didn’t mention what drives you have but under DMA When available it should say Ultra DMA Mode 2 or 4 and not multiword. Also are you using the newest version of Plextools Version 2.23? If not you can download the newer version from the Plextor website.

Hi,it says ultra mode 5 and I am using the latest version of plex tools.The drives I am using are both px716uf one for read and one for write
Thanks for your help
PS, What do you find the best dvd-r media to use with the plextor regardless of price

Oh you have 716UF… It is normal that DMA is grayed out for UF version.
UDMA5 is your harddrive mode.

PS, What do you find the best dvd-r media to use with the plextor regardless of price
Taiyo Yuden and MCC (Verbatim) are excellent for all drives.

Could I ask you if you consider that the Plextor has any preference to + OR - in media format
Thank you for your reply

Your plextor can burn + or - with great result. Now it’s depends on your dvd player.

However, for daily use I prefer +R (TY T02 or MCC004).

Thanks for your help,I have been using Verbatim 8x and my dvd player the Esoteic UX-1 has as usual,produced some super picture qaulity with this media,but I will try the T.Y. Media.

Verbatim 8x +R is a great media and you should be able to burn it at max 12x. MID is MCC003.

If you find a better deal, TY 8x +R is also an excellent choice and 716a can burn it at max speed 16x. MID is YUDEN000-T02.