Plextor 716 is it safe to enable "Speed read"

I am finding the defaut reading speed of 2x very slow is it safe to enable speed read?
Thank you

The default reading speed ranges from 2x to 40x. In Plextools choose “Drive Settings” and there in the “basic” tab select a higher speed (17-40x) in CD or DVD “read speed settings”

Speed read (available in the “advanced” tab) means that a maximum of 48x (20-48x) is enabled. There are no concerns about enabling speed read hardware wise.

The reason I asked this question,was that in the advanced mode on the speed read section it says that to read faster than the default speed of 2x could cause damage to the media and also to the drive My question was from actual experience is this right?

The drive can read with no problem at all at 12x speed recordable media, so 2x is just for viewing silently movies on DVD.

 Thank you thats what I needed.alwyn.