Plextor 716 dvdrw $89 after MIR, almost thought it was $59

I got excited about having two $30 rebates but then realized it was the same rebate :sad:

They’re both the same, so the answer would be no.

Best Buy still got 'em for $101 before rebate?

Price at BB is back up to $129.99 for some reason.

I have a feeling they screwed that up. Was $129.99 w/$30 rebate until 2/28. 3/1 it went to $101 with no rebate, but Plextor has the $30 going until the end of March. Looks like I grabbed one at the right time.

Order On-Line from BB with in-store pick-up $117.00
Plextor Rebate till 3/31 -$30 (real UPC)
BB Rebate -$30 3/27-4/2 -$30 (copy UPC)

Total Price for drive after online rebate, 2 mail in rebates is $57.00

How about this !!!

Use the 10% off link to get into BB and the price drops another $10.00
Total cost NOW is $47.00.

Also more info on Beach’s post can be found here: