Plextor 716.....dead

Hi folks…

My Plextor 716 is dead…

Since one year to now, every time i did put a DVD inside, he was always blinking on green…

Sometimes, i did press eject, them eject again, i could get the unity recognise the media…

This time, neither that solution works…:doh:


I need the best replace to DL media, ONLY.

Any advice? There was no match to 716 DL burnings…:sad:

Based on what I read here in the forum, a Pioneer is an excellent drive for DL discs, except for the difficulty to find it (at least here in Italy :doh:)

Optiarc 7200A if you want an ide drive, or the 7240S and the 7200S if you prefer a sata drive.

Hi all!

7200S or 7240S…are from?


Tks for the advice…googling:bow::flower:

[QUOTE=Mordorr;2448660]Hi all!

7200S or 7240S…are from?


Tks for the advice…googling:bow::flower:[/QUOTE]

From [B]Optiarc[/B].

If you look for a Pioneer drive, look for the 116/216 or the 117/217 series. Do not get the latest 118 series drives as they are Lite-On re-badged drives.