Plextor 716-A can't copy Coldplay X&Y?

I’m using EAC and I can’t seem to rip the tracks from the CD. The error correction will go red all the way until the end and just move to the next track and I get the same thing. What’s going on? How can I defeat the copy protection on this CD? thanks.

Do you have PlexTools in bundle with the drive? If so, give it a try (I copied it in that way). :slight_smile:

Another question: do you have Autorun active on your PC? Some copy protection schemes use that feature to install some nasty files on your PC to prevent ripping…

UPDATE: I had just checked my original X&Y CD: I bought it in Italy, its barcode/catalogue number is 94631 12802. If you have Autorun, a software player will be installed:


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Ok, I made some other checks.
In my case, the problem is the 716. Using PlexTools the tracks are ripped but there are CU errors and audible clicks on the ripped tracks.
I reported to another user that I made a backup of the CD without problems, but I used the drive that I always use for audio backups, that is the Premium. With the Premium, the tracks are ripped flawlessly, both with PlexTools and EAC (in secure mode).

I don’t have Autorun active, so forget what I told you about that.

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With EAC and the 716, try setting the ripping speed down to the slowest setting. This has been shown to really help on other Plextor drives.

Thanks NRen2k5, I’m aware of that. :iagree:
I tried first with PlexTools, and in presence of errors the application automatically lowered the ripping speed to 4x.
But it looks like it doesn’t help in this case, at least for me.
I have attached two C1/C2/CU scans of the original CD, the first made with the 716 at 4x, the second with the Premium at 8x…

If someone is able to do something different with the 716 and this CD, I’d be really interested to know it! :slight_smile:



Guys how do you turn off autorun? I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Several applications can do that (Feurio!, PlexTools for sure).
Otherwise, you can temporarily disable autorun pressing the SHIFT key while inserting the CD/DVD.
I fully disabled Windows XP Autorun features installing TweakUI which is part of Microsoft PowerToys.

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I turned off auto-run, but I still can’t copy it. Is there a possibility that last time auto-run was on, the CD installed some sort of file on my computer? I read about new copy-right tactics they’re employing by installing hidden files on my computer.

That’s possible. IIRC there are some instructions on the web how to find and remove this malware, maybe someone can come up with a link :wink:
Do you have another drive with which you can try to rip? Sometimes a disc simply can’t be copied with a certain drive, no matter what you do.

I understand, but I seem to be the only one with this problem. Other people got this to work.

I have an HP burner made by BenQ.
To rip X&Y I usde CDex for songs 1-6.
I used the Line-In on my computer/soundcard, my home stereo CD Player and Cool Edit Pro to rip songs 7-13.
I don’t know what the protection was but that was my solution.
Good Luck