Plextor 716-A cannot backup Playstation 2 games?

I use DVD Decrpyter to burn the images that I made and the games fail to work. Yet with this method, it worked on my old Pioneer A-06 burner. What’s going on here? Is the Plextor 716-A not capable of backing up playstation 2 games?

I’ve been doing it with my px-716a since i got the drive and never had a bad burn. Are you doing it right. mode–>read–>iso. After its done ripping go to mode–>write–>iso and pick the mds for the game and set speed to 4x or slower for best results

Yea, I just load up the image and then select the .iso and burn it. The media that I’m using is 4x TY DVD-R and burned under 4x. It worked perfectly under my Pioneer A06. Yet, I can’t seem to duplicate the success that I had with my old burner.

Do you try another tool for backup?

You don’t need to. DVDdecrypter is good enough for backing up PS2 DVDs and when you want to backup a PS2 CD I never had a problem using burnatonce 0.99.5. Same steps with it. Read CD with RAW enabled to ISO and then just write the ISO back to a CD-R using RAW mode also. Easy

I agree with you Esoteric.
But he could use an alternative to check the situation!

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Let us just assume he is exercising his fair-use rights and taking a backup of the disc because he doesn’t want the original damaged (Since even the token disc replacement schemes publishers used to have doesn’t appear to be in place anymore…).

What firmware and media are you using to do the burn?
Also, does your drive have the vibration problem?

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