Plextor 712sa freezes

Hello CD Freaks. My Plextor 712sa keeps freezing everytime I insert a cd or dvd. This drive is new out of the box. Anyone know why it keeps doing this? I have an asus a8n-sli deluxe mobo and the plextor is plugged into sata 3. While 1 and 2 are my sata hard drives. Thanks for any help!

Check the Plextor FAQ first: When I insert a DVD disc in my Plextor drive my computer restarts or gives me a blue error screen!

Hi there zevia. I don’t have sonic dla installed on my computer. Also my computer doesn’t restart or gives me a blue error screen. It just happens to freeze everytime I insert any cd or dvd. Good looking out though. Thanks.

Are you using an nvidia mobo? Yes, you are. And you’re putting the drive on SATA 3 to boot. Two things to keep in mind. Nvidia drivers are shit and always have been and always likely will be. Uninstall the nvidia IDE drivers and use the MS ones. If you’re overclocking only SATA 1 &2 are locked, so don’t put it on 3 if that’s your situation.