Plextor 712A Write Speeds

My drive is burning at 4x. Im using alcohol 120%. Is there a setting in the PlexTools that limits my speed to 4x? Im using memorex 4x media but it should burn at 8x? Can anyone help? Thanks.


Memorex is not a media it is a brand.
What is the mid? (who made the disc, CMC, Ritek, Prodisc…)
Probably it is a mid that is only supported at 4x.

Use the “CD/DVD Info” in plextools to get this info.

The manufacturer ID is: CMC MAG. AF1


Do as pchilson suggested. Load up PlexTools, insert the media you want to burn and select the CD/DVD Info option. You can also right click on the PX-712A and select Status. This will show you at which speed your media can be burned:

Thanks :slight_smile: . I thought I could write any 4x media at 8x.

The Memorex CMCMAG.AF1 is a 4x DVD-R.
Plextor drives can write at 8x on selected 4x media and at 12x on selected 8x media, but this only stands for DVD+R’s not for DVD-R’s!

The maximum speed for the media you mention should therefore be 4x, and your drive should write it with very good results. Here is an example of burning this media at 4x, achieved with firmware v1.01/1.02:

To see which DVD+R media can be written at higher speeds than the certified speed for that media, take a look here:

I don’t have yet any test results for the new firmware v1.03 with this media.

Not all the 4X -R media.

It seems that you can write some 4x DVD-R media (TYG01) @8x!
Take a look at the following link:

There are also some interesting news in this thread about a new Plextor PX-712SA review with the new FW1.03 and some problems of the new FW with DVD-R media!


It seems that TDK 4x DVD-R media (TTG01) will also write @8x.

I’ve found this reported here:

VERY GOOD site … well worth taking a look … its a pitty it doesn’t have an english translation as well, but in spite of this small drawback is very easy to find what you’re looking for even if you don’t know german (i don’t btw).