Plextor 712A ritek cd-r problem

Just bought this burner and everything seems fine apart from it takes forever to read ritek cd-r(fullface silver printable 52x).And sometimes it doesn’t read them at all and feurio just gives out an error message.Other cd-r media seem to be fine
I have tried firmware 1.08 and 1.09 but i get the same results.Any idea’s?

My experience with the 712A regarding CD-Rs is mixed. While I can’t tell you about the Ritek, I can tell you that my first 712A could not write to TDKs (Moeser Baer India) in gigarec mode whatsoever, the second with very poor results. Using Verbatim’s Super Azo did change the results dramatically.
It might just be that you can’t use these CD-Rs with this drive.