Plextor 712A Ripping wuith Eac Exact Audio Copy


This is more of a query rather than a question.

I use EAC to rip CDs using my PLextor 712A,when I used to use my old drive each track would start at a certain speed and gradually increase until it reached the end.

When using the Plextor each track starts off at…For example 7x and then after a second decreases to 3x and then slowly increases until the end of the track is reached.The rips seem perfect.I just wondered what caused the speed increase and decrease at the beginning of each track.


Hi Ian,
which version of EAC and FW do you use?
All my copies with EAC are unsuccessful - every time at the end of burning I get a error message “no additional sense information”
My FW1.05, EAC 0,95 prebeta5


It works now! I just changed the intrface to the native.