Plextor 712A Problems Please Help

I just bought a Plextor 712A dvd rw. I installed the drive but when I installed the PlexTools and restarted, I got a blue screen. Now I have to remove the drive to be able too boot up to windows. I have a Soyo Dragon Motherboard with a chipset of VIA KT600, Windows XP, 512MB DDR, Athlon XP 2800+. Can anyone please help? Thanks.


Could be a software conflict. Use MSCONFIG (run/type MSCONFIG)and select the diagnostic startup. If it boots up then, you’ll have to disable the culprit in startup or services. Also disable the built-in burning software (IMAPI service) if you’re going to use Roxio or other burning software.

Blue screen?It seems the system problem,not the drive.

Please remove the VIA 4 in 1 patch,and all virtual drives.

I used the MSConfig and found out that it was these too startup procedures. tfswctrl and dumpprep 0-k which was from sonic dvd. I uninstalled it and boots up correctly. I burned a movie with clonedvd but it took 26 min(just the burn not the compression). I used a memorex 4x dvd-r. Why is it so slow? I could burn a dvd in 14minutes max with my 4x liteon.
Where do I disable the IMAPI from windows?
Thanks :slight_smile:


There’s probably an easier way, but here’s how I did it: run MSCONFIG. Click the Services tab and uncheck the IMAPI Service.

I can’t find it under services in msconfig.


Ok. I found it. I went to services in control panel-administrator tools- services. It was disabled so I guess im ok. Thanks everyone :slight_smile: .


26 minutes is roughly the burn time for a full disc capacity at 2.4X. You can use the PlexTools Professional “CD/DVD Info” option with your Memorex 4X DVD-R to determine if the PX-712A can recognize the 4X rating of this media. Also, with PoweRec enabled, the Plextor can lower the burn speed (from 4X to 2.4X) if it encounters burn quality issues during the burn. Thiis can happen if the PX-712A determines that the media cannot sustain the 4X burn speed with good quality. This may be a case where the Plextor favors quality over speed, whereas the LiteOn may be sticking to the rated 4X burn speed regardless of where the burn quality may be at.

You can try disabling PoweRec to see if the 4X burn speed is restored, but watch out for degraded burn quality!

Please also verify your PX-712A operating properly at UDMA mode 2, because otherwise burn speed will be impacted.

Oops! Since the media is DVD-R the burn speed below 4X is 2X, not 2.4X.

Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

How do I verify UDMA mode 2?


Ok. It was set to Ultra DMA Mode4. I will try to disable the Power Rec.


UDMA mode 4?? PX-712A has a maximum transfer rate of UDMA mode 2 (ATA-33), so UDMA mode 4 (ATA-66) should be impossible. If you really mean PIO mode 4, then that can explain why your burn speed is suppressed to 2X.

It says Ultra DMA Mode 4. What does this mean?


It means something is wrong. Have you uninstalled the Via 4-in-1 driver and gone back to the Microsoft IDE driver yet? If so, then it suggests a problem with the transfer mode negotiation between the IDE controller on your motherboard and the PX-712A. It is also possible that the transfer mode is not being reported correctly.

Check to make sure the IDE channel your PX-712A is attached to is using the proper legacy resources. For primary IDE channel, you should see IRQ 14 listed in the resources tab, IRQ 15 for secondary IDE channel.

If the PX-712A is attached to the secondary IDE channel, you can try uninstalling this channel within the WinXP device manager, and rebooting to allow WinXP to PnP it again. You can then check to see if the transfer mode goes back to UDMA mode 2 or persists in UDMA mode 4.

I am guessing it is possible for PlexTools to have compatibility problems with certain chipsets in certain IDE resource configurations. You can try updating PlexTools to the latest 2.15 without your PX-712A attached (since you get a BSOD), shut down, then reattach the PX-712A to see if things get better.

Good luck!

The IRQ’s are ok. I tried uninstalling the VIA bus master controller and when I rebooted, windows could not install the Primary or Secondary IDE Channel. I had to do a system restore to get it back the way it was. I also updated the firmware to 1.03 and downloaded the latest PlexTools. I am currently writing at 4x with 4x media but can’t write at 8x. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Not all 4x media can be written at 8x. Check out Plextor’s list of recommended media. In general, only quality 4x DVD+R media like Taiyo Yuden can be burned at 8x.