Plextor 712a Installation CD needed

:eek: :o Not sure how it has happened. Either my absentmindedness, carelessness, or two curious little boys have caused the disappearance of the cd that came with my plextor 712a. Any help in legally getting a copy I would greatly appreciate it. Can anyone help?

what is on the plextor 712a disc, if it is just plextools then you can download that from plextors website free.

ben :slight_smile:

I thought those at the web site were just patches.

They are the full programs. If you reformatted your harddrive then you may have to patch your system reg. to get them to install.

There’s nothing much in the installation CD (actually it’s DVD disk) that comes with 712a. The only program that is worth to keep is Plextools (version 2.12 I think). But if you don’t have any burning software (Nero etc), then Roxio in the CD is useful, although I personally recommend to download Nero.

BTW, in the installation disk for the new 716a there is Plextools 2.17 full install, not just update/patch!!!

Thanks everyone. This has been a big help!