Plextor 712a Error with Nero

I have The Plextor 712a about 2 weeks, I burn 13 DVD-R but 5 give me trouble near the end of the burn, the error is a damage DVD with Open session, this happen always in the lead out, that is in Nero 63115 and in 63110 and with diferent brand of media, and I change to a diferent computer with a diferent motherboard and procesor, and happen again, the media is DVD-R 4X (Imation) and (PENGO), the error always say that is not identified.
I burn in the same computer with a 708a with no problem, The Drive must be damage? :frowning:

What you can try is to use some different media and see if that makes a difference. You should also run the self-diagnostics test (see the FAQ) to check if your drive is functioning properly. Other things you can try are using other software and upgrade the firmware of your drive to v1.02 if you haven’t done this already. Please report back with your findings! And welcome to the forum jorgegrm.

Try to use different software,such as PLEXTOOLS.

Thanks for the sugestion, I already do that, with the same problem, I upgrade to 1.01 and to 1.02 and try the Plextools with the GIGAREC with a CD, and the disc I did I can’t read in PX-708a and in PX-712a, I try with the software CloneDVD and I start to record and in about 4 minutes, stop and make another bad DVD-R, I also try with VERBATIM (Plextor say is good choice) and some DVD-R work and some DVD-R give me the same error. And the same condition work without any problem with the Plextor PX-708a, the Media, software, computer and data work with PX-708a Great, and with the Plextor PX-712a give me problems. I think something is wrong with the unit. What more I try?

Did you run the self-diagnostics test?

Is the only thing I don’t try. But I think that is better to send to Plextor, the unit have only 2 weeks and I don’t want to be afraid to burn Dvds, and I choice Plextor in the first place because I want a good Burner. Thanks for all, have someone have PX-712a with no problems, work with Nero?, work with the Gigarec and the Cds can be read by Plextor PX-712a and with another brand of dvd Burner?, can you give me information of what do you think about the PX-712a, is a good burner?, thanks for the help!!!

I have the PX-712A and it works just fine with Nero (using Nero 6 here, latest version). It also works just fine with GigaRec. I love the drive, it works great with a lot of DVD media I’ve thrown at it and this is confirmed by other users too. jorgegrm, you really should try the self test. Plextor will probably ask you to do this first anyway. The test will check if the drive is working properly. Keep us posted please.

have the same problem,have you find out of what is worng
Keep us posted please

Also happend to me! :frowning: When I try to burn a DVD ISO in NERO 6, the data appear corrupted in the data verification option. I don´t know what is going on here…

I return the Unit to Plextor Service Monday and in this moment I receive the news that my drive is broken and they gonna give me another Plextor PX-712a :iagree:
And I say that Plextor have a good warranty service. :iagree: