Plextor 712A crashes machine



I have read the FAQ and searched. Nothing I do helps.

I got a PLEXTOR PX712A for Christmas. I installed it into my AMD Athlon 1gig machine with 512 RAM and 100 gig HDD. It crashes my WIMXP when I copy from it or write to it.
It crashes a few minutes into the operation.

Things I have done to try to find the problem:

Reinstall WINXP.
Disconnect all drives so all I have left is 1 HDD as master on IDE1 and the PLEXTOR as master on IDE2.
Update the PLEXTOR firmware.
Install Windows updates and Service Pack2.
Disable all startup applications.
Change jumper on PLEXTOR for the DMA thingie.
Run PLEXTOR self diagnosis. It passed.
Use NERO and PLEXTOOLS to write. Same prob on both.
Comtemplate editing the BIOS.
Contemplate getting a new computer.

Please help with ideas. I cannot get this thing to stop crashing my machine.


In addition to the above, the disc that came with my drive doesn’t work. Roxio won’t install. It says that it cannot read the file. Is there something on this disc that MUST be installed for the drive to work. I wouldn’t think so but…

I called PLEXTOR about the faulty disc but they never called back. I’d like to get it replaced.


Have you tried using the drive in another computer? If it works there then we know that there is some problem with your machine. The self test passed which indicates that the drive is working as it should. Could you post some specs on your computer please? If you’re running a motherboard with an nVidia chipset make sure you do NOT use the nVidia IDE drivers as they’re known to cause all sorts of problems. Report back!


AMD Athlon 1gig with the VIA chipset, 512 RAM and 100 gig HDD.
ATI all-in wonder 128 pro video card.
I don’t really know the other specs like FSB and other speeds.



Maybe your motherboard is not compatible with PX712. Why you don’t try on another motherboard? I’ve heard about some problems with VIA Chipset and “Plextor products”! have you download last VIA Chipset Drivers? Try This!!!:eek:


ascus4 we need information like; motherboard brand and model, system set-up (master/slave positions), installed software, etc. Can you try the drive in another computer as I asked? That would help a lot!


Oops, sorry. Mobo is a SOYO K7VTA-B, 1 gig AMD Athlon. 512 mB RAM. This is the VIA chipset. IDE1 is HDD as master. IDE2 is the Plextor as master. All other drives have been removed for the duration of this problem.
Software is WINXP, NERO and Plextools. Nothing else loade4d as I just reinstalled the OS.
Cannot try the drive in another computer.


Hey I recently fixed a friends computer with a simular problem. He had a soyo board also , Sorry not the best boards out there and the board you have is almost 4 years old I would suggest going to the web and upgrading bios first and then post your results. By the way My friends computer was fixed with a bios upgrade but because he too was using an old board, I was able to get him to upgrade and he has never been happier. Here is the link to yuor boards most recent bios.

Note this bios is over 2 years old
Good luck