Plextor 712A copy protection questions

i just got a plextor 712A, and i also have a lite-on 52x32x52 7s.
now is the plextor better for cd copy protections?
does the 712A have all the same features as the plextor premium
whats the best software to get for backing up and getting copy protections copied, and what versions as well, blindwrite, alcohol, clone cd? etc etc

Well my advice to you is always check out the cpabilities of your burner BEFORE purchasing.

Id say your plextor for SecuROM, but leave SafeDisc for the litey.

Yes, this drive has most of the features plex prem has eg.

GigaRec Technology
SecuRec Technology
Silent Mode
VariRec Technology
PoweRec Technology

And of course the 8mb buffer. :smiley:

Is there a general consensus as to which IS the best DVD-burner for safedisc? I’m thinking of getting one soon so any info would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

thanks the reason i am asking is because i have the 712A and the lte-on now.

but i just broke a pioneer A06 and i am getting a replacement. so if the 712A is better with CD protections than the lite-on, i’ll get rid of it and run a 712A and maybe a lite-on dual layer dvd burner

a little bump.

also anyone got an answer on the software question

CloneCD - Good, but not for SafeDisc 3. Use twinpeaks with securom 4/5.
Blindwrite - Good but not as good as Alcohol 120%.
Alcohol 120% - Good, with SafeDisc 1-3, but not for SecuROM 4/5, unless used with your drive.