PLEXTOR 712A Brilliant Drive Perfectly Happy!



Hi Everyone.

Just thought I’d post this to let everyone know:

I bought a Plextor 712A a couple of months ago,it was easy to install and apart from an early Firmware conflict with Plextools,it works perfectly.

I keep reading posts from unhappy Plextor owners,but I’d recommend the 712A to everyone.

The only time I’ll consider a replacement is for a Dual Layer upgrade,and that will be another Plextor.

Keep up the good work Plextor.

happy New Year,



Well… ehh congrats! :slight_smile:


Lol . . .


Did you burn any Verbatim 8x DVD-R media with it ??


This is the drive I am hoping to get, But for a few dollars more I am considering the 16x drive, which doesnt looks too good at the moment.



Yes burnt Verbatim and the results were Perfect.No probs at all.




I’d recommend you to get thid drive.Dual Layers may be the future but blanks are far too expensive at the moment,



But good luck to me finding this drives. The store where I wanted to buy from, told me it was discontinued. Also whats the latest TLA for the 12x drive. I dont need to burn my dvds at 16x, or 8x. 4x is good enough, I just want the quality. Plextor drive as to be better then other drives, from lg, benq, etc.


Latest possible TLA for the PX-712A is 0105. I’m not sure why you’d want a Plextor if you’re only going to burn at 4x. At such low speeds there really aren’t many differences in quality between the various drives IMO.