Plextor 712A, best deals?




I have a 708a and really pleased with its performance however i like the idea of 8x writing with the limited time I have. I notice there is at least one person on the forum with the 712 (that I can see) so I was wondering if there are any good deals.

Also I have seen on the web drives from Europe/America (sorry I am in the UK) will these work? Sorry to be a complete novice.

So any help on a good price would be appreciated

Anyone want to buy a 708A :wink:


I just purchased a Plextor PX712A 12X Plextor Drive (-OEM version) it comes w/ DVD software (Roxio 6.0) + user manual. The best deal I could find so far was at: it has with free shipping to any where in U.S. Not too sure bout Int’l, though.



Retail (not OEM) version available at Newegg for $190 (+$5 shipping)… USA only, though.


Thanks I will check those out.

P.S Reading the posts and reading about Multi-layer capability (or lack of) on the 712. What is this and does it make any difference to someone who burns data dvds and movie files?

Not sure if I use this facility on the 708 so would I miss this if I purchased a 712. Thanks again for all your help.



DL write is not in this version of the drive, though rumor has it that firmware will be available later this year–don’t hold your breath though.

DL DVD will give you 4 hours of recording time, but DL media is scarce, expensive, and of varying quality, and recording speed is only 2.4x. Recording a couple of movies will take you about 45 minutes to an hour vs 6 minutes per disc at 12X.


In case you’re wondering keitho, DL = double or dual layer recording :wink:

Instead of the standard 4.7GB you get 7.96GB of space. A first look at DL recording can be found here.


you paid $190? I got mine (Retail Version) for $117 from after $30 rebate and $10 coupon


you paid $190? I got mine (Retail Version) for $117 from after $30 rebate and $10 coupon

Code65536 was talking about the Plextor 712A not the 708A drive that you purchased from has the 712A drive for $207.99 has the 712A drive for $188.00.


As of today, the cheapest I could find is at for $189
with free shipping.
Other online resellers jumped their price above $200