Plextor 712 ide very slow

Anyone with an idea as to why it takes me 30-40 minutes to copy a dvd and another 20 minutes to burn? I also have a sony 16x dvd-rw and it reads in 15 minutes and burns in about 10. I am using the sony nti dvd burn software for both and do not have the plextor software installed. Does this make a difference? I have had no quality issues (both work fine) and the plextor burns cd’s fine, just extremely slow for dvd. It also sometimes misreads dvd+r I use 4x maxells and it defaults to 8x burn speed. any ideas would be appreciated.


Plextor FAQ > My Plextor drive is burning and/or reading very slowly.

This is normal. The Plextor thinks your media can be burned at 8X. This is common for 4X media as a lot of 4X DVDR media works fine at higher speeds. If you feel uncomfortable with the higher write speed you can always use a lower speed but generally speaking, what the drive ‘thinks’ is alright.

TY media certified @8x can be burned at @16x by the 716.106.0304. However you get better results burned at 8x than 16x.

Who said anything about Taiyo Yuden? He was talking about Maxell.

my point is that you get better results burning at lower speeds.

But that’s not always true. Some discs work better or just as well at higher speeds. But, I agree, when burning at 16x you have a (much) higher change of getting more errors on your disc. 4x discs often work perfectly fine at 8x, especially with the Plextor.

yeah, it seems to me that the 8x is the golden speed. Anyway i get excellent results with burning the 8x certified TY @8x (instead of the 16x that the 716 can burn) far better than burning at 16x.

ditto on 8X or 12X for TYT02. 16X is marginally faster with higher PIE/F error levels.

do you think its the media or the drive that preffer the 8x speed?

a little bit of both i think. it must be taken into account that the media is only 8X certified so burning at 12/16X is out of spec and it’s hard to complain when poor burns result from overspeeding the media by twofold.

that being said, my 12X burns are fine and others have perfectly fine results at 16X (in both the PX716 and other drives i.e. BenQ, NEC, etc.).

Maxell 4× DVD+R are probably RICOHJPN01’s, which are good to burn at 8×

My experience is that burning 8× media at 4× does not necessarily produce a better burn, although burning 4× media at 8× (“overclocking”) never results in a higher quality recording. Short answer: stick with the rated speed.

I have noticed that on most PX-712 with firmware 1.06 you will be locked at 1.6 read and locked at 1.6 write speeds. Simpy go back to version 1.05 if you are definately using 1.06 will fix your problem . Come on guys is there no one else that has experienced this, I have 4 machines out there with Px-712’s in them and all of them immediately went down hill when flashing to firmware 1.06 and all would lock at 1.6 read and write speeds :iagree:

That’s the first time I’ve heard of this so I’m positive this is not a common problem. It must have something to do with your system(s) or something.