Plextor 708UF L-EC uncorrectable error (031105)



I bought my 708UF around November 2003. I’m using XP, SP2, burning with Nero

Although I’ve occasionally had problems burningof months. I’ve got a whole stack of coasters sitting on my desk.

I’ve tried both Firewire and USB2 connections. I’ve tried at least five different kinds of blank media (including TY), both -R and +R (no rewritables). I’ve tried burning from different hard drives, and even hooked up the 708UF a different computer (my laptop) and got the same result – uncorrectable error.

All my IDE controllers are set for DMA mode. I don’t have any other programs running when I burn DVDs.

Although I can burn CDs with no problem, should I just declare the 708 dead and buy a new burner? Or is there something else I should try first?