Plextor 708A2 & PX-708UF2?

Does have an idea what the PX-708A2 is about ?
Is the PX-708A2 a new “hardware version” from the PX-708A ? Maybe some unstable components were fixed/replaced ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Plextor even provides a different firmware for these PX-xxxx2 series (PX-708A2/PX-708UF2) :

What’s the difference with the normal PX-708A/PX-708UF ? :confused:

708A2 has 712 as a basis with a different firmware.

The 708UF2 seems to have a dual interface USB2/Firewire and the 708A2 must be inside, being based on the 712A as Arrow says.
There were some discussions on the subject in:


This way it was released after the 712A, but you can find references to it in Asia mainly Was it sold in Europe/America? Doesn’t seem
The European Plextor’s site has no ref. to in under “Products”.

And we didn’t hear about the PX-704A either, but it is discussed in the last link above.