Plextor 708A Won't burn CDR but will burn DVD!

Hello people!!

My Plextor 708A has stopped reading and writing CDRs completely. I have
checked the connections multiple times but still no joy. To make matters
worse, it will read and write DVD+R disks no problem - which kinda proves no
connection problem. :eek:

I tried the self test thing by holding down the eject button while turning
on the PC. However the test fails as the light flashes to show that no disk
is in the drive, even though there is one in there.

What can this be? :confused:

It this the end? I´m doomed? :sad:

Thanks in advance!

If it fails the self diagnostic test then the laser for the cdr could be dead. If you have any warranty left on the 708A then RMA it to Plextor. You may get lucky and get a 712 drive as a replacement.

unfortunally the warranty expired two months ago and the diagnostic test fails every time, so it is a laser issue. :sad:

I will see if i can found someone who can change the laser for a reasonable price, if not, i will have to buy a new one :a


Just some info for you the 708a is a great reader for dvd discs that are scratched. You may want to keep the drive for just ripping. I had a heavily scratched disc that only the 708a could read. :slight_smile:

same thing happened to me and so far no fix but DVD ADDICT is right, it reads DVDS and still records them perfectly

708A is a perfect dvd reader and writer.i have one for a little bit less than 2 years ( oh well its still under warranty :stuck_out_tongue: ) i suggest you get yourself a cheap cdrw if you dont want to pay alot…for me, i dont use my dvd writers for burning cds,so i have in each pc a dvd writer and a cd writer n i guess thats better…