Plextor 708a will not boot an XP Pro cd

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the cdfreaks community, but with my registration to this awesome forum also comes a tricky question.

I’ve got a plextor 708a DVDRW…it works flawlessly, however, i recently ran into a ton of trouble when i went to format my HD and do a fresh installation of XP pro. When i put the installation disk in and restarted…the installation menu for XP did not come up, but i could hear the drive churning.

Please note that i have set the bios so that it boots from the cd drive.

Everything works fine in windows, but the drive will not autorun the installation disk…and it’s beginning to drive me crazy.

When i installed the plextor drive, i replaced a Lite-On DVD-ROM drive…when i formatted windows before, the lite-on seemed to have no trouble finding and running the disk during boot.

If anyone could throw a suggestion my way, i would be more than grateful.

I’m currently running Windows XP Pro - SP1, everything with the drive had worked perfectly up to this point.

Thanks in advance



You got answer HERE
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