Plextor 708A Will No Longer Read Cd-Rw's

i just upgraded my firmware to 1.06 a couple of days ago so i wondered if that has any bearing on this. i just noticed this morning when i tried to get some data off of one of my cd-rw’s and the drive did not recognize it it just kept trying to access it ,but no dice my other drive reads it no problem. i called plextor and the lady told me in very vague terms it was some issue with xp and mt ranier and microsoft was going to release a patch soon just wait for it. since i was at work i declined to argue, but it sounds like bullcrap considering this same drive was reading cd-rw’ s about 2 weeks ago and now just decided it would not. is this a problem with the 708’s? as this is the only drive on my system and i need to be able to write and read to cdrw’s for daily backups it is quite a problem. anybody have any advice maybe downgrading the firmware, or calling again and demanding they RMA it? the discs were verbatim and ritek both good media that i have never had a problem with.

i had the same prob with my plex708.
i got a new one because it was a hardware defect.

i was afraid of that. i wonder why the lady told me it was a microsoft problem and “just wait for microsoft” to patch it. seems if that was the case thousands of complaints would be heard and plextor would issue a statement. i mean if your drive offers cd-rw abilty and fails to deliver somebody goofed.

Lots of people (including me) have had trouble with the PX-708A in combination with CD, CD-R and/or CD-Rw.

I suggest you e-mail plextor support. Their people who respond e-mails do have a clue and will give you an RMA number if necessary.

But the #1 option IMO would be to return it to the store and use the money to get yourself another burner, namely a NEC 2500, Pioneer A07, or Lite-on 811.

The #2 option would be to exchange it at the store. (This is what I did, and my replacement has been running perfectly for about 3 months now.)

If you’ve exhausted those options, then you can get yourself an RMA.