Plextor 708a vs. TDK 880N (NEC ND 2500)

Hi! I new arround here. I know this is a newbie question, but what da´heck!

Can´t decide between TDK 880N (it´s actually a NEC ND 2500 inside) or the famous and well known Plextor 708a

It´s hard to find reviews on TDK 880N cause it´s been on the market since last month (found just 1 review!)

PX 708a also has positive reviews.

So, I´ll put this way, anyone that has a PX 708a, would have rather bought a TDK 880N ?

Any sugestions?

Thank you very much :smiley:

Why buy the TDK when it’s the same drive as the NEC ND-2500A? There are loads of reviews of this drive available, OC-Freak has reviewed it for CD Freaks here. The NEC is a good choice and so is the Plextor. Do some research on this forum and base your decision on that. That’s the best information I can give you. I’m personally very happy with my Plextor PX-708A drive. Good luck!

Goto office max and get one of the pacific digital drives on sale for 69.99 after rebate (or 49.99 with staples coupon)with a serial number that starts with 41X x= letter and it will be nec 2500a. Nec drive is much better than the plextor drive. I have both and when i burn to TDK or verbatium +R media on my plextor at 8X both my samsung dvd player and xbox have problems reading the disk. I got nec 2500a yesterday burned 2 movies and both play fine in both players. Nec drive seems burn much better than the plextor drive except the plextor burns a full movie in just under 8 minutes with both media and nec takes about 8:30 secs but it works which to me is more important that it takeing an extra 30 secs per disk

one more vote for the 708a!

Yeah! Who wants speed!!! I´d rather have quality rather than speed. You see, I live in Peru (south america), and we get only crappy and cheap dvd´s, like Princo, LG, etc… Though I saw Imation, and verbatim, but they´re pretty expensive.

So I think I´ll go with Nec

Oh, another question, is reliable? thank you

to my experience newegg is very reliable, personally i use zipzoomfly

the prices are very competitive to newegg, i have done business with them a few times and am very pleased thusfar.