Plextor 708A vs. Pioneer A06

I just return return the Plextor DVD burner and got me the Pioneer A06, what is good about the Pioneer A06, Why even after I have install the hardware and software, in My Computer, my DVD burner drive still label as a Compact Disc Drive, not a DVD-RW drive? Please tell me what I should do now?

Why did you return the Plextor burner? It is considered the King of burners, the 708A at least!


return the plex for the pioneer???

thats the only thing that i can say:

Hi Friends from above, the reason that I have to return the PLextor 708A is :

I have used AnyDVD with CloneDVD, but I have big problem, the my DVD-R can be watch my DVD player, but as the movie gets to the end, the picture mess up. This had happens to many of my DVD-R, what should I do now? I have 256MB of RAM, the weird thing is that I have use CloneDVD to clone 3 DVD-R and nothing is bad, until now, my DVD-R would mess up near the end, when I played it back on DVD player! Please tell me what happen? With CloneDVD, my comp only takes about 1hr 30 min to burn a DVD-R, so I do not think that I have low RAM on comp. If I upgrade my firmware to version 1.03 , Do u think that doing this will help? Please help me out, Thanks so much.

I have upgrade to firmware v 1.03 but the DVD-R still mess up! Why is that happening?

Are you talking about multi colored blocks appearing in the picture? That is most likely a media + burner + dvd player problem. The burner your using may not burn very well to that brand of media. Your dvd player could be having trouble reading that type of media, possibly because of poor quality burn. The media could be defective at parts of it. I would try a different brand of media.

Btw, does it do the same thing if you play it in your computer dvd drive?

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I would try a different brand of media.
Me too.

Yes the solution is to try another DVD media. I had exactly the same problem with eproformane discs, switched to Plextor ones (DVD+R) and since then, I NEVER had a single problem. This is with the V1.03 firmware.


Hi friends from above,

I have switch from Cheap CompUSA DVD-R to TDK DVD-R but the picture still mess up, I used CloneDVD with AnyDVDv2.0.0.9, Therefore, I return the Plextor 708A and got me the TDK 840G DVD Burner, Can anyone tell me about the TDK 840, Is it a good or bad choice.


<I return the Plextor 708A and got me the TDK 840G DVD Burner>

Just one question. What made you decice to buy the TDK 840G before you asked the question, if it is a good burner?


I buy the TDK 840G because Plextor messes my DVD-R up, no matter what brand I switch to. And this forum said that Plextor is not good for burning DVD-R, I read somewhere in the Recording Software Section , Please tell me any issue about the TDK 840G that you may know.

I think if I’m going to buy a Plextor, I would be using the DVD+R discs so I could try to take advantage of the 8x recording. Otherwise, why buy an 8x recorder and use DVD-R discs?

Phen, the TDK 840G is a re-badged Plextor 708a. So you actually have a Plextor. I have not had any trouble burning CompUsa DVD-R 1X discs at 2X on my Plextor 708a (firmware 1.03). So far I have burned 20 of them, 10 were made by Optorite and 10 by Princo. I prefer using TDK 4X DVD+R discs as they burn at 8X but for $7.99 for 10 in slim cases the CompUsa DVD-R discs were a good buy. Maybe the problem is your DVD player.

In this thread you can find a small list on DVD-R media that I’ve burned and works fine with my PX-708A. I play them on my Sony DVP-NS330 DVD player without a problem.