Plextor 708A - Tried everything

I just bought a Plextor 708A and I cannot get it to run in 8x burning mode. I did some research and deleted the secondary IDE channel and rebooted.

All the channels are in DMA 2 mode and my Lite-On 52x burns CDs at that speed with no problem.

Asus P4T mobo
Plextor 1.0.6 firmware
Ritek G04 DVDs

Here are 2 screen shots.


I think the media you are using is the problem. The Ritek G04 media are DVD-R, not DVD+R, right? The PX-708A supports 8x-speed only on (some) DVD+R-media, not on DVD-R. Try using a 8x-certified DVD+R, then it should work.


Which do you recommend or had success burning at 8x with? Thanks in advance.

Q I heard something about the new 8x Plextor DVD-recorder (PX-708A/UF) supporting 8x recording to 4x DVD+R media? Is this true?

A Yes it is! Because 8x DVD+R media is in short supply at the moment the Plextor PX-708A can write some 4x DVD+R media at 8x. The following media is supported:

[ul][li]Mitsubishi Chemical 8X (2.4X ~ 8X) DTR47H1
[/li]> [li]Plextor 8X (2.4X ~ 8X) PX-DVD+R4JC1
[/li]> [li]Ricoh 8X (2.4X ~ 8X) DRD-8XPC, DRV-8XPC, DRD-8XCW5, DRD-8XCW10, DRV-8XCW5
[/li]> [li]Taiyo Yuden 8X (2.4X ~ 8X) DVD+R47TYA, DVD+R47TY5PA
[/li]> [li]Verbatim 8X (2.4X ~ 8X) 43212, 43213[/ul]A complete list with supported media for the PX-708A and other Plextor drives can be found here and here. A media list for the PX-708A can also be found here (Dutch website but the table is quite clear for non-Dutch speaking people too). Please note: that when recording discs at 8x it can cause playback problems in standalone DVD players. If this happens lower the recording speed to 4x.[/li]