Plextor 708A - tracking servo failure


I have a plextor 708A and I always got an “tracking servo failure” when I put a empty DVD into the drive.

I’ve got it with media (memorex,philips) who were working fine and I burned about 30 DVD with this drive…

It was firmware 1.02, I updated to 1.06 with still the same issue.

does anyone have the same problem?
is it hardware or software ?
should I ask to Plextor to replace it?

thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Try using the recommended brands of media like MAXELL, TDK, IMATION (RICOH). Although MEMOREX & PHILIPS may be on the compatible list for the drive they don’t always work. Check plextors site for the recommended brands of media.

I don’t think it’s the drive that’s bad. Try using different media first then contact Plextor’s tech support. Good luck.

Probably contacting Plextor is the best response.

Use the e-mail support though. They tend to be a lot more competent than the phone people.

thanks for reply

I’ll try other media, but it’s strange, I’ve already made about 30 DVD without problems and then I got this error… and now I’ve got it sometimes with CDR too…

I’ll contact plextor anyway.