Plextor 708a + Sony DVD+R 1x-8x = bad burns



Hi all,

I recently upgraded my Plextor 708A to the latest firmware, 1.10, and upgraded Nero from 5.5 to 6.6.

I’ve also picked-up a box of Sony DVD+R blanks, with a specified record speed of 1-8x. However, I’m encountering many bad burns, and discovering that even after successful burns my Plextor often has issues reading the same DVD it just burned. In at least one case, it couldn’t read the disc at all, although the disc played fine in my Sony CD/DVD player! I’ve tried lowering my burn speed to 4x, but I see no improvements in consistency.

For comparison, I’ve got some Maxell blanks heading my way, but in the meantime, I’m still trying to determine if the ONLY problem are the Sony discs - or if they are even the problem to begin with.

Prior to this, I don’t think my Plextor had burned a single bad DVD or CD in the prior 13 months.

My question is: Has anyone had compatibility problems with Sony DVD+Rs and the PX 708A in similar circumstances?



I’ve used SONY DVD-/+ media before with horrific results, they either didn’t burn at all or wouldn’t playback in any dvd player. I’ve heard the ones made in japan are ok but I don’t buy them at all. In my opinion they’re crappy to use. It’s best to use the RECOMMENDED BRANDS OF DVD MEDIA that PLEXTOR supports. Even if they were on the COMPATIBLE LIST it doesn’t mean it will work well with the 708A drive. I’ve even tried using them on my other dvd burners only with the same result coaster city or the drives could not even recognize them. I ended up returning 2 spindles back to Compusa. I strictly use TAIYO YUDEN (FUJI), MAXELL & RICOH which are MADE IN JAPAN and VERBATIM which is MADE IN TAIWAN for all of my dvd burners.

If you can return those Sony get one of the above brands. Download DVDINFO PRO or DVDIDENTIFER to find out the media code which will tell you who the manufacturer of the discs. Brand names don’t mean much unless you know the MEDIA CODE. Go to, look in the media section where you’ll see all the brands and what manufacturers they use. The FUJI & MAXELL spindles look to see that it is MADE IN JAPAN those are the ones to purchase. :wink: :wink: :wink:


i only buy/use Sony 8x +R that’s Made in Japan…stay away from the Taiwan made ones…


As drpino and DVD_ADDICT said, there are at least two types of Sony DVD+R 8x media. The one that is Made in Japan has MID (Media/Mfg ID) of YUDEN000T02, and the Made in Taiwan of SONY08D1.

YUDEN000T02 (or in short TY02) is manufactured by Taiyo Yuden and its in the Plextor recommended list, while SONY08D1 is not. Use the TY media for good result.


THANK YOU everyone for your detailed responses. My Sony blanks are, indeed, made in Taiwan, and presumably the cause of my problem. I’ve always been picky with CD-R blanks, but never with DVD blanks - I am learning my lesson!

Thanks again for all of your informed, prompt responses. I sincerely appreciate it.



Thanks. Using DVD Identifier, my discs appear to be
Manufacturer ID: SONY
Media Type ID: D11


Oops, my bad. SONY08D1 is DVD-R 8x rated. The 8x +R is either TY02 or SONYD11. Thanks for checking.