Plextor 708A reliability any worse than others?

Hi, new here…I recently purchased a PX-708A (not installed yet) based on excellent reviews and general reputation of Plextor drives. I try to take forum comments with a grain of salt since every company’s product is going to have their share or winners and losers, especially when they have to interact with different people’s computer hardware and and software configs., not to mention various disc media.

That said, does the PX708a have any more defect/hardware problems than other brands of burners? I thought paying a little more for a quality drive would be the way to go, but I guess reading about how many people are on there 2nd or 3rd burner makes me rethink my decision a little. Is this just the nature of the beast? I did also read about many problems with Sony.


Hi. I see many people going for the NEC drive or the Pioneer drive. I don’t see how Plextor is that bad, however from my own experience, if you don’t want problems, don’t get a Sony buner.


Plextor are in general good drives.

Having that siad, I do rarely have much hardware failures/problems with any drives.

Plextor is a great company, the support is number one as far as I am concerned. Thats why on part, why you have to pay a bit more for the drive.

Try finding a contact support page on Pioneer or Sony’s webpages, or Liteon’s. I am not saying there isn’t one but it will take you all hours to find it and a weeks time to hear back from them, if you have a quick question and they call that support…

Plextor drives break just like anyone elses, IE it’s made out of plastic. but it’s the level of support makes this company number one. I had the button break on my older cd-r drive from plextor and I just emailed them and told them what happend and they asked for a mailing address no numbers or strange questions back, one week later I got my new face plate in the mail, all done over email that had taken place that day. was amazed at the level of support and service they give and offer.

what more do you want then that.