Plextor 708A regional code

Welp, I’m locked on region 2 and live in region 1.
Ok, heres what happened, I was copying some movies I had for a friend. It said I had two more times to change the code. It was on region 2 and I wanted to put it on region 1 and it wouldnt let me. It was locked on 2. So am I boned on this or what? I wrote to Plextor support and they were worthless. Also, why should I buy an expensive drive like this when they will lock out when I can buy a 20 dollar cheapie on ebay and throw them away?
Somebody, anybody? Help please, before I use this thing as a target.

Uhm, I think I just found the answer I am looking for on
Thanx if anyone replied.

You should have checked back then because I would’ve recommended AnyDVD, it removes CSS protections and region codes. There’s nothing better out there, just ask around and you’ll see.