Plextor 708A read speed


I read the review and it says that after unlocking the read speed you can read at 8x +. My question is;

Does that apply to all DVDs or just ones that are 4.7GB?


… I’ve tested a few DVD9 … mostly the reading-speed is about 4x after unlocking …

After unlocking the drive it can read DVD-Video at 12x for single layered DVDs and 8x for double layered DVDs. DVDR media can be read at 8x regardless if the drive has been unlocked or not.

… hm, just wondering why mine is not so fast, may be cause of the
. . dvd’s are not in best condition and error-correction slows down reading speed … !?

… in fact, everything is well done til now :wink:

How to increase the read speed??
After using the dvd shrink and save it to scsi hd, then using nero 6.0.19 to burn at 4x dvd+r but …it only able to write 2.4 since the speed of source is only 2.4-2.9.
Any body know why and how to increase the souce speed which is seagate 18 gig 15k and fujitsu 73.4gig. 10k with adaptec 39160.??

or Am i missing something???

I like to get my plextor to write 4x-8x without coaster using memorex or verbatim 4x dvd+r


Are you sure the speed of the source drive is limiting your burning speed and not the media?

I tried running DVD/CD speed from nero. I get to a certain point then I get an error about a scrambled sector. However after unlocking, I noticed the read speed would rise above 2x before the error.

I was able to make a back up of the same DVD using DVDXCOPY Express. Is the scrambled sector the Macrovision?

Yes indeed. If you want to read a protected DVD with Nero CD-DVD Speed you first need to ‘unlock’ the drive with a DVD player like WinDVD or PowerDVD. Then start Nero CD-DVD Speed and do the test. Else you will indeed get the ‘scrambled sector’ error.

Nt loser,
Yup,…that what it’s said ,that why it bump down to 2.4x speed.
I try to upgrade the bios on mobo (asus p4p800) but still the same result.
any advice??


From what gamefreak says, you just need to start watching the dvd you put in your 708a using power dvd or another dvd program. Then after you access the dvd using that program, you will be able to do a full test with cd/dvd speed without scrambled sector error… You should be able to then read single density dvds at 12x and so on,(as long as you enable the speed read option by holding down the eject button. I am going to try this. I will let you know the results

Okay, I ulocked the drive by holding in the eject button for 3 seconds, inserted a dual density DVD, started Power DVD, and then ran the dvd/cd speed test. Low and behold I didn’t get the scrambled sector error.

However I got some results that seemed disturbing. The read speed went up to 8x but throttled down. I tried it twice with the same results. Why is that?

Here is the read speed results from a dual density pressed cd

Here is from a +R i burned

The DVDR graph looks good. The drive has a read problem with the DL (dual layered) DVD disc. Is it scratched, dirty or smudged?

After looking the disc is sort of smudged. I am going to get a new DVD and try it out. I want to make sure that everything is working correctly before my 30 days are up.



It is reading as it should with clean DVD.

The only thing that bothers me now is the high CPU usuage at 4 and 8x.
I checked the screen-shots taken in your review. They are also showing high cpu usuage.

Clean Dual Layer DVD