Plextor 708A question

Hello I have an old P3 450 pc (udma33) with a new 120GB Western Digital 8MB cache hd and a Plextor 708A. I write dvds from the hd as my old dvdrom is slow. Writing at 4x is smooth with the write buffer stable at 92% and about 15 minutes recording time, but at 8x its only stable at 84% for the first 20% of the DVD - then it bounces from 84 to almost zero many times (when zeroing the light on the plextor turns instantly green) and takes about 10 minutes to complete. The DVDs created are flawless. My question is whether an ide controller will give me an 8 minute burn and if yes which one do you recommend. Thanks in advance…

The buffer dropping to 0 means the data to the drive is not fast enough. The PC isn’t fast enough. The minimum requirement is a 700MHz unit. The I/O, even from the hard drive, isn’t fast enough to match the throughput of the recorder.

A new IDE controller won’t do the trick. You need a faster CPU to run at a consistent 8x.

I agree totally with bob11879. A small addition: the reason why the first 15% of your 8x burns do work is because the recording process is started at a lower recording speed of 6x. After about 15% the burn speed is increase to the maximum speed of 8x and this is where your problems start. Nothing you can do about this except for a hardware upgrade as bob11879 already said.

Fragmentation will cause similar issues as this regardless how fast your computer is so my suggestion is that he should try to run defrag before burning and see if it helps.