Plextor 708A Problems


i have got the Plextor 708A (Firmware 1.11) and Nero

Actually i am very happy with it, just sometimes Nero is stopping during the burning process and i have to kill Nero by Taskmanager. So far i can live with it but the thing which drives me really crazy is that i can’t open the Plextor drive.:-(((( Only after rebooting it can be opened.

Does anybody knows a solution or a trick.

Thank you


To manually open it? There should be a little pinhole somewhere on the bezel (faceplate). On my PX-712 it’s just above the eject button. Unbend a paperclip and push it into the hole about 1cm and the tray should open enough for you to pull it open the rest of the way.

In my experience this happens when the 708-A tries to burn a not reccomended DVD-R media. The burn fails and Nero freezes. In fact i have to kill Nero from task manager and the i have to reboot otherwise the drive doesn’t eject the media.
IMHO it’s a media problem with the drive that hangs up.
This never happen with +R media and -R reccomended media.

Thanks for the quick answers.:slight_smile:

@ftp1020: if i open it that way you described and insert a new media, can i go on burning a new session or do i have still to reboot?

@PegasoLabs: it actually happens only with CD-R Media :frowning:


Only one way to find out … try it! :slight_smile: I think that as long as the green light comes on after the tray closes, it should be OK to burn another disc.

BTW, welcome to the forum scort6!

Thanks ftp1020,

gonna try it next time and will post about it.


Try to open it using PlexTools

Thanks Diesel,

installed it and gonna try it next time when the drive cannot be opened.


I had similar problems with my PX-708A when it was connected not to the normal VIA onboard IDE controller but to the additional onboard Promise ATA/RAID controller.

Connecting it to the “normal” VIA (or nForce or whatever chipset your PC has) onboard IDE controller restored its functionality to 100%. It has never failed ever since.

Sorry but having the same prob, TDK disk keeps spinning doesnt want to burn and cant eject it?
(as for plextools tried to install one couldnt use said trials over?)