Plextor 708a Problems (Once Again - SIGH)

Hello. I am new to this forum and have a issue w/ my Plextor 708a.

I bought the drive in April 2004 and after 2 months of working fine, It stopped working and I’d heard what sounds like clicking noises in it and then I’d see what appears to be scratches or scuffs on my dvd media. So I performed the diagnostic test (CDR passed, DVD failed using media recommended by plextor), So I requested a RMA and sent it in. Got the drive back on the 26th, And was happy. I burned 2 data dvds and another dvd of misc stuff. Worked fine, Burned fine.

Now tonight I was looking for a graphic I made on 1 of the dvds I made, And now its doing it again, Making the clicking sound.

I’ve heard some people that had to RMA this drive several times. If this is the case, I am giving it away to anyone who wants it, As I wont send it in again. I’ll just buy a new LiteOn or Pioneer drive.

What a WASTE of my hard earned money for such a crap drive.

IF people are having THESE many problems with this particular model, THEN why cant Plextor recall them and give people their $ back so they can get a drive that’ll last longer than a few days. Seems like the logical thing to do, But of course, Its the MEDIA thats bad, Not the Plextor.

I should’ve stuck with my instinct when searching for a dvdr (Originally was going to get a 8x LiteOn and now that appears as to what I will do next week).

Firmware: v1.07

I have never heard of the clicking problem, I only had 1 issue with my 708A, but it really wasn’t the drive.

If it is happing again, just go ahead and RMA, which I understand you dont really wanna do. If you must buy another drive, still keep the plextor and have both…

If you really wanna give it away, i’ll take it.

BTW, Welcome to the forum, you will get alot of great information on this site…

Well I find this odd. After I posted this msg, I rebooted my system and left a dvd movie in the drive (But before I did this, I put in my The Alamo dvd (John Wayne version) and left it alone, But when I went to view the folder, Nothing showed up, But I did a populate on the dvd and it showed the label and the size of the dvd). So I rebooted and went back to view it, And there it was, The video_ts and audio_ts folders and the movie ran fine.

So I stuck the dvd that previously made the clicking sounds, And worked fine.

GO FIGURE. I guess the plextor spirits decided to let me use it after all.

When you say Clicking sound, are you talking about gears seem to be stuck and not turning together or the Plextor is doing some serious Seeking and can’t find what is it is looking for?

Well its really somewhat hard to explain exactly what it sounds like.

I’d listen closely to the drive (Put my ear up next to it and listen) and it sounded like it gears were just making a sound that it shouldnt be doing.

It did this on the other drive and the self diagnostic test failed.
(The manual said the drive would eject immediately if there was a problem and it did, But during a cd-r test, went through fine and didnt eject) and plextor said the drive was in fact bad.

So thats all I can go on. Yeah, I’d say maybe the gears are stuck or something. But its working fine now for some odd reason.

There is 1 weird thing going on though, When I load explorer up and goto the dvd drive and highlight a folder or file, I hear sounds out of my monitor, Like static, But if I goto my harddrives folders and files, I dont hear it. Very odd.
Its like theres some type of interference or something. But only does it with the plextor, Not any other device connected. if I turn my speakers off, The sound goes away. I have a Creative Labs Soundworks speaker system w/ the big woofer. Maybe its too close to the system. I’m at a loss as to why its working now.

Now I just checked, And I hear the static sound even from my harddrives. I think my speakers are going, As they are old (1999).

I have a small set of speakers from Creative Labs. Gonna hook them up and see if this noise continues. I bet it dont.

Thanx for the replies.

I’m just wondering, the power plug going to your Plextor, is it stright from the powersupply or are you using a Y-adapter?

Of the MANY plugs, I believe its from a Y connector.

Would that make a difference?

I’ll look and see if I have a spare thats directly from the PS itself.

Thanx again.