Plextor 708A or Nec 2500A?

If those two can be compared,whats the best for the money?

Some UPC code versions of the 708A come with a $50 rebate if you buy it today. Go to the Plextor site and check out the Winter Specials. I bought a 708A at a local store and not only did it ring up for $30 less than the advertised price I found when I got home there was an additional $50 off on the particular one I bought (retail box) so I am quite happy with the total price ($199)

I really like the Plextor and you can get it to rip at high speed (mine peaked at 7.4x) if you do the following.

Tray empty and closed.

Press and hold the eject button until the drive light flashes three times. When you release the eject button the tray will open. You insert your target DVD and run whatever RIPPEr you run. Once you remove the DVD the Plextor will re-lock. You will have to follow this proceedure each time you want a RIP faster than 2x.

Good luck

It’s kind of hard to tell what the best choice will be. We all know that Plextor says it’s the “King of quality” and quite frankly, the 708A is a nice drive… It’s not a perfect drive, but it’s okay.

Then we have the ND2500A from NEC. The drive is pretty new and there haven’t been too many review around for now. Is it an interesting drive? Yes, I think so. The NEC supports DVD-R burning at 8x, something the Plextor only does at 4x. Besides that, I would not be wondered if somewhere in the near future, a hacked firmware for this drive will be released, making booktype bitsetting possible. For now, the Plextor can’t do this (AFAIK, it isn’t possible on this drive for now…). And of course, the NEC is somewhat cheaper than the NEC is.

Comparing the somewhat older drive from NEC (1300a) with the Plextor PX708A, I have to admit that the Plextor is a somewhat better drive, as it’s writing quality is slightly better (although the 1300a ain’t bad either).

I can’t tell you what device you should buy, but if I were you, I’d wait a little while, read some reviews on the ND2500a (don’t be surprised if there’ll be a review from CDFreaks pretty soon ;)) and see what will be your drive!