Plextor 708A - odd problems

Hi there. I am a newbie and not really a tech freak. I got a few problems with the Plextor 708A (just upgraded the firmware):

  1. when burning audio discs I can’t burn them at 2x speed anymore as I used to do when I had an HP discwriter. Is this because the CDR media is not compatible anymore with 2x speed writing or can I change the speed somewhere in the preferences of the 708A (I know I can but there’s no option for 2x speed)? I am asking cos I burn a lot of live CDs and I found it safe to burn them at 2x speed and disc-at-once to avoid small pause gaps (under 1 sec) between the tracks which can be really annoying when listening to a live CD. In the past, when I burnt a live CD with the Plextor 708A, I always got these gaps at 4x speed (with or without VariRec).

  2. What is the absolut best CDR media for the 708A to burn audio discs and can I get these in Germany?

  3. what software is recommended to burn audio discs? I got Nero 6.3 something but I always get these gaps. I tried Wavelab 4.0 and this one is doing better. But still…any other recommendations?

  4. when burning a data DVD-R, it always takes up to an hour to burn 4 GB on the disc. How’s it possible that it takes so long? It says it gets burnt at maximum speed so it is supposed to burn it a hell of lot faster, isn’t it? What could be wrong?

A lot of questions, I know. But I’d be thankful if anyone could contribute. Thank you!


Hi phonoline, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

About your questions:

  1. The 708A does not support 1x-2x CD burning speeds, so there is no way to get 2x burns. However, the problem of gaps between audio track has nothing to do, as far as I know, with burning speed. It is related to the burning method (DAO is fine for that) and the software. You should be able to get gapless audio CDs with almost every burning software available today, free or commercial.

  2. Most people here say that TY (Taiyo Yuden) is the best media available. All Plextor branded CDs (and DVDs) are TY, but they are quite expensive and there are a lot of other brands like some Verbatim CDs (those called “Pastel”) and Fujis that are actually made by TY. About where you can find them in Germany… well, I live in Italy and I used sometimes ComputerUniverse, but there are some german people here that will tell you a lot more.

  3. Most people say Feurio!. For CD backup and DAE (digital audio extraction) I also recommend PlexTools Professional, which should be free for you if you have the 708A and live in Europe.

  4. Give us more details… what burning software/OS? what brand of DVD-R? As a blind shot, are you able to check if your 708A is in “DMA mode” or in the slower “PIO mode”?

Hope this helps, enjoy the forum! :slight_smile:


Hi Et,
thanks for the quick response. Appreciate it. I have checked out Wavelab 4.0 again and it seems that this program is a lot better for burning live cds than any other recording software I have tried. No gaps at all. So…problem solved :iagree:

As far as point no. 4 is concerned: I got Windows XP (no SP1 or SP2) with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ and 1GB RAM. The DVD-R media I am using is from Verbatim but it doesn’t say a lot about the exact features (just that it is able to get brunt at 4x speed). I haven’t checked out if my Plex is in DMA mode or PIO mode - might it also be possible that the brand of DVD-R media I use isn’t the best for the 708A so that it needs more time to properly burn the DVD? Would it be faster if I take a recommended media?

Thanks again for your help!
Mille Grazie! Where about in Italy do you live? A friend of mine is in Perugia these days and I#ll try to get there asap this year.


Verbatim should be fine for the 708A…

Check the DMA thing:
Enabling/ Checking DMA In Windows XP, 2000, Me, 9x

Regards, :slight_smile:


P.S. I live in the north, near Milano :smiley: