Plextor 708a media



Have been using Memorex DVD+R 8x media with good results(probably about 10 coasters out of 100) but was wondering if the Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+r from mertline would be a better choice or if I should just stick with the memorex from best buy?
Reason I ask is because i decode with dvd decrypter and compress and burn with dvd shrink, i burn and the dvd ends up not coming up on any of the home dvd players. Is there any way i can check to see if the dvd is going to burn correctly in dvd shrink.
The only thing i can think of is burn to dvd-rw media and see if that plays then burn to dvd+r media.


Try Bitsetting the DVD+R with Plextools (In the Drive settings check the Change booktype for DVD+R option). It could be that your home dvd player has problems with the DVD+R booktype.


do i need to download plextools?
thanks for the help


Yes and no :slight_smile: With PlexTools you can set your Plextor drive to always use bitsetting for DVD+R and/or DVD+R DL media. This setting will then be stored in the drive and you can forget about it. However, with Nero you can also control the booktype setting of your Plextor drive so you can control it without PlexTools.