Plextor 708A Media problem

I was wondering if anyone could help me out I am having a prob with my Plextor whenever I put a blank media into the player. The light just stays on and it never picks it up as blank media I am wondering why that would be. I got it and just installed it with none of the software it came with could that be the prob please help thanks.

Yes, in order to write the blank media you will need to install software. If you’re using Windows XP it has a built-in write engine but I wouldn’t recommend it. It would be better to install the software that came with your drive and then use that to write your blank DVDs with. I’m personally a fan of Nero ( but keep in mind that the latest versions ( and are having problems with the Plextor drive. I myself am currently using v6.0.0.11 right now and it works fine for me.

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thanks gamefreak but I am wondering why it would pick up the media the light on the drive just stays on one color what is the specific software that needs to be installed I am currently running windows XP
Thanks for the help

The LED of the drive will light up because it has detected that a disc has been inserted in the drive. This is normal. If I’m correct you will have received some software with your drive. I don’t know where you bought it and if you have the American or European retail package? Here in Europe the Plextor drive is shipped with Nero Burning ROM 5.5 for burning CDs and DVDs while in the U.S. the drive is shipped with Easy CD Creator. Both software programs can be used to burn CDs and/or DVDs with using your Plextor drive.

It comes with easy cd creator the thing is that when the disc goes in there the light stays on and does not turn any ideas for that prob ?

Oh ya G@M3FR3@K by the way I am using Matrix media that I got from and the CD-R media is just a basic disc incase you needed that info thanks for your help.

Originally posted by MaDeMaNN
It comes with easy cd creator the thing is that when the disc goes in there the light stays on and does not turn any ideas for that prob ?
Yes I understand that but I can’t see what your problem is. When you start Easy CD Creator can you setup a data or audio compilation? And then, can you burn the compilation or is that when nothing happens and the Plextor’s LED just remains at the same colour?

If Easy CD Creator doesn’t work I would personally recommend you try the Nero Burning ROM software and especially version or Do not use the latest versions, as I already mentioned before. Please report back.

1: the light of the drive will always stay on when there is a disc in the drive.

2: This drive can’t detect all types of cheap DVD-R/RW media. Try to use DVD+R/RW media.

Thanks both of you for the help I took it back and went with the pioneer.

you took it back because of the light???

Moreover… lights are not always the same! RED doesn’t nessesarily mean RECORDING.
Other drives use yellow and green
Other drives use steady light in stand by and blinking light in recording mode.
Lights are not everything… anyway!

Are you sure you had all correctly installed and know how to record???

Ha you got to be kidding me man I recorded over 500+ DVD-R with my previous drive I use Nero Discjuggler and Record Max now I think I know how to record man thanks for the help though I am happy with my Pioneer A06 for a 100 dollars cheaper :smiley:

<but keep in mind that the latest versions ( and are having problems with the Plextor drive.>

G@M3FR3@K Did u test Nero version? I have this version and never had a problem (so far) with Plextor drive.


Yes, of course. The message you quoted was posted by me over three weeks ago :wink:

steile mou se parakalw ena psosopiko minima, na allaxoume mails na milisoume xehorista…

G@M3FR3@K, do you think this latest version could be resolving problems with Plextor?
And also the fixing disc failure problems???
Sould i try ? (though a bit “heavy” for my poor cpu?)

There are varying reports on Nero’s latest version. Some people, including myself, are having no problems with it, while some others continue to face the same old situation. I guess it has to do with the media more than anything else.

I am myself not using Nero 6 anymore and have gone back to v5.5.10.42. For me this version works best but as pafan already pointed out, when you use good media a lot of problems can be avoided. Read this news item for instance. It gives you a good idea of the current DVDR disc situation.

Nice to hear that new Nero doesn’t resolve any media problems.
I’d like to stay with anyway (it is the version my Plextor gave me). Also i saw 2 friends of mine upgrading from 5.5.10.xx to nero 6 and having problem with the program not to start or not to function at all! Error and shutdown! So, i was a little bit afraid to try to upgrade myself in order not to make my system a mess. I’ll stay with it in my current pc.
When i buy my new pc (shortly) maybe i’ll try the Nero 6 FULL SUITE from the beginning. But for upgrading… no thanks for the time being…

Always using the “perfect” TDK DVD+R… and everything is ok !