Plextor 708a & Maxell CD-R's problem

I got my drive about a little over a month ago, and everything has been working great tell now, I had one little problem…

I had a box of cd-rs from Maxell that worked fine in the drive at 40X burning. but the other night the discs started giving me a strange error message in Nero 6302, I get a Power Calibration error with every Maxell cd-r I use now when I burn at 40X. I can’t burn at anything higher then 8X.

whats even more odd is other brands work fine at 40X, and dvds burn fine…

but it’s strange that this now happens all the time with only Maxell cd-rs and it didn’t happen in the past. To make sure I didn’t have a bad batch of discs I ran out and got some more of the same name and size and I still have this problem.

My power supply is a Antec 400truepower, so there should be no problems there. I checked to make sure my drive is burning with DMA On and it is. but I can’t seem to find an answer…

Have you changed your firmware version? Try updating your firmware to the latest version (1.04) to see if that makes a difference.

Yep, I did that right away, 1.04, going to do the self test on the drive today as plextor support told me.

Tell me does 5,540 KB/s sound right for writing DVD-R’s?

seems strange to me because everyother burn is like in a even number not odd like this is… yet the discs burn fine.?

Just asking

According to Nero Burning ROM:

2,4x: 3.324KB/s
4x: 5.540KB/s
8x: 11.080KB/s

So yes it’s normal. Your drive is burning at 4x.