Plextor 708A LED is broken?


I have a weird problem.

Since 2 days my 708A it’s LED won’t turn green anymore!
It used 2 switch between orange and green really fast during burning, and when I inserted a disk it would stay green.

But whatever I do now it only shows the orange color :frowning:
When I insert a disk the first couple of seconds it’s orange and then it’s just dead!

Do you think it’s broken?

I hope not because i really love this burner…

Even with no cables attached, the drive should initialize and read the ATIP/ADIP. Try with a CD and DVD. It should take about 10 seconds for the CD-LED should come on solid green, and about 15 seconds for DVD. Try with stamped CD/DVD. If you don’t get the solid green, the drive is bad.