Plextor 708A Issues


Hello All, as I’m new to this forum.

I’ve had my Plextor 708A for about 1 year and fortunately have not had any major problems, except for user-being-careless ones, for I have used only Maxwell, Fujifilm, and Sony 4x DVD+R’s and -R’s, and TDK and Memorex 4x DVD+R. To burn my movies, I only burnt at 4x. For data, I used 8x. In terms of playback, my DVDs worked well – without freezing or pixelation – on both the standalone DVD (Yamaha) and the Power DVD-enabled computer.

Just recently I bought a pack of Verbatim 8x DVD+R from Best Buy to test out the 8x capability of my Plextor. All 3 of the movie DVD’s burnt at 8x had a lot of freezing moments and some pixelation on my standalone DVD player, but not on my computer! I noticed that during the burn set at 8x, the burning process started out at 6x to about 1/3 of the movie, and then accelerated to 8x and remained at 8x until the end of the movie. Suprisingly, the freezing problem started around the point where the buring speed was switched, which was at around 1/3 of the movie.

However, everything worked fine if I set the speed to 4x.

Furthermore, I then did one quick experiment where I set the burning speed at 8x to the same movie, using various brands of media: TDK, Sony, Memorex, and Fujifilm 4x DVD+R. All of these DVD’s had the manufacture ID as RICOHJPN-R01-02. None of these disks could burn at 8x. The max speed was at 6x. The burning speed started out at 4x and then increased to 6x. However, neither one of these disks had any freezing or pixelation problem.

I’m using firmware 1.04. Taking into account that with 1.04, I have had no major issues with the 708A, do you think that it’s a good idea to switch to 1.07? Any advantages? Any known problems with 1.07?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Try 1.07, seems pretty good with RICOH R01’s, ive lived with the above mentioned problems for a long time, i have since bought 2 NEC drives and said goodbye to the pixalation, the problem is we have nobody that wants to play with the firmware’s like Herrie has with NEC.

ppk800, it’s a common problem that certain DVD players cannot read DVDs that have been recorded at a higher speed. It’s too bad you can’t perform a PI/PO error scan of these discs (or can you?) because this would tell you if there are too many errors on the disc. Have you tried playing your DVDs on different players?